San Jose/San Mateo High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

There is no special court or magic formula for handling high-asset divorce cases. But if you have substantial assets, there is inevitably more money at stake when trying to resolve the issues if you and your ex split up.

At Morgan Tidalgo Sukhodrev & Azzolino LLP, in San Jose, we know how to protect and advance our clients' interests, no matter how valuable the property is that is at stake.

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What Types of Property Are at Stake in Your Divorce?

Every course is of course different, depending on the parties and their peculiarities. That is why we are sure to customize our representation to your unique circumstances and goals.

Our practice is a comprehensive one, encompassing issues that include the valuation and division of:

  • Businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investments

Sometimes, in high-asset divorce cases, it is necessary to discover hidden assets. In other cases, the basic structure is set by a prenuptial agreement.

No matter what your particular situation, we can guide you forward in resolving complex divorce issues. Our ability to use either negotiation or litigation effectively helps us protect your rights and look out for your interests, every step of the way.

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